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2011/6/11 1:16:31
It's nice and breezy here. 有微风
clear up.睛天了


Forget me not.勿忘我
Stay in touch.保持联系
Don't be a stranger.不要把我忘了
You are like a brother/sister to me.你是我的好兄弟/姐妹
Don't forget to drop me a line.不要忘了给我回信
I hope you are doing all right.希望你还好
Friendship brings beauty to our days.友谊给我们的生活带来了美丽。


Good night and sleep tight. 晚安,睡个好觉
rise and shine.太阳都晒屁股了
Are you free? 你有空吗
Are you free this weekend? 这个周末你有空吗?
Are you doing anything this afternoon? 这个下午你有什么事情做吗?
Do you have plans for this Sunday?星期天你有什么安排吗?
Are you busy this evening? 今天晚上你忙吗?
Sorry, I am tied up.不好意思,我现在没办法抽身。
Sorry, I have plans.对不起,我现在有事。
Sorry, I am busy.我现在忙。
I am afraid I can't.恐怕我现在没有时间。


What's your major? 你的专业是什么?
Are you busy in your studies? 你的学业如何?
Do you plan to study abroad? 你想要出国留学吗?
Do you join any associations? 你有参加社团吗?
I achieve scholarship every year.我每年都拿奖学金。
Study is a life-long process.学习是一辈子的事。


owl 猫头鹰
night owl 夜猫子
I always stay up late till 2 o'clock, I am a night owl.
morning person.起早的人
Better late than never. 亡羊补守为时未晚。
Better safe than sorry. 稳妥总比后悔发。
For better or for worse. 不论好坏(同甘共苦)
Is it near here?在这附近吗?
Is it within walking distance? 这个地方步行可以到达吗?


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Kill two birds with one stone. 一石二鸟
There is no smoke without fire. 无风不起浪
Every dog has his day. 瞎猫碰上死耗子
Like father,like son. 有其父必有其子


Unbelievable! 难以至信
I can't believe it. 我无法相信
I'm surprised! 我十分的吃惊
Really? 真的吗?

You're kidding! 你是开玩笑的吧
Are you serious? 你不是认真的吧
You're pulling my leg.你在开我的玩笑吧
No joking. 不准开玩笑哦

I am shocked. 太震惊的。
No way.不可能
It is impossible. 不可能的


It is a long day.今天过的很慢(I am very tired today)
Let's call it a day.今天就到此为止吧。
It is not my day.今天我不怎么幸运。


lousy terrible

Today's weather is awful. 天气很糟糕
This movie is awful.电影很糟糕
This match is awful.比赛很糟糕

once: 一次
He calls me once today.他今天给我打了两次电话
He watches football twice today. 他今天看了两场球
I read book three times today. 我今天看了三次书。
on time 准时
Every day, I have class on time.每天上课都准时。
Time will tell.时间能证明一切
Time waits for no man.时间不等人
Time heals all wound.时间能治愈所有创伤。
answer the door.去开门
anwer a letter.回信


Well done!
Good job!
Way to go.(做事之后)

Go for it!做事之前(加油)


suspense movie: 悬疑片
romance movie: 爱情片
thriller: 惊悚片
horror movie: 恐怖片
action star:动作影星
action movie:动作片
animation movie:动画片


Have you got married? 你结婚了吗?
Have you been to China before? 你去过中国吗?
Have you tried this Chinese dish before? 你之前吃过中餐吗?
Have you seen this Chinese movie? 你有看过中国电影吗?
Have you heard of this person? 你认识这个人吗?
Have you bought a house here? 你买过房子吗?
Have you graduated from university? 你毕业了吗?
Have you been abroad before? 你出过国吗?

Will you see this movie? 你看过这个电影吗?
Will you go abroad? 你打算出国吗?
Will you get married before 30? 三十岁之前你打算结婚吗?
Will you buy a house in Shanghai? 你打算在上海买房子吗?
Will you buy a car? 你打算买车吗?
Will you eat at this restaurant?  你准备去这家饭店吗?
Will you visit this city? 你打算游览这座城市吗?
Will you go to the bar tonight? 你今晚打算去酒吧吗?
Will you play football this afternoon? 你今天下午打算踢球吗?

wheel 车轮
I don't want to be the third wheel. 我可不想做电灯泡
We will see.我们走着瞧
I can smell a rat.我感觉事情有些不对劲啊
I don't want to be the last-minute person.我可不想落后


Lady first! 女士优先
What a jerk! 混蛋,混球
Give me a hug! 给我一个拥抱
Pass the hat. 大家出钱吧


Been there, done that. 去过那
Do you want to visit Beijing? 去过北京吗?
I have been there; I have done that and got the T-shirt.去过那,表强调,到此一游。


Armed to the teeth.  全副武装(武装到了牙齿)
Rise from the ashes. 复活 phoenix凤凰
baloney. 不可信



Excuse me,I need to go to the bathroom.
I need to powder my nose.(女性专用)
The nature is calling.
I need to answer the nature's call.
I really need to use the bathroom.


propose to 求婚
I am going to propose to her tonight.今天晚上向她求婚
fiance 未婚夫
fiancee 未婚妻
A lot of Americans have cold feet before the wedding. 很多美国人结婚前都有婚前综合症
They will get married tomorrow.他们明天就要结婚了


hard 硬的,困难的
The test is very hard for me. 这个考试对我来说太难了
He was hard on me last night. 他昨天晚上对我很凶
No hard feelings. 不要难过。
I have a hard time learning English. 我感觉学习英语太难了。
I have a hard time getting a ticket. 买到票太难了。
You are getting on my nerves. 你让我生气了。
get off my back. 别烦我
Get off my back.I didn't sleep last night.我昨天晚上没有睡觉,不要烦我
Gut me some slack.放我一马吧

I am very down.我现在心情不好。
He really let me down.让我很失落。
I don't give a damn.我压根不在乎(不屑)
I got the short end of the stick.这实在是我遇到的最糟糕的情况了
Tough luck.糟糕的运气(强有力的,非常艰难的)
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.当道路变的艰难的时候,勇敢的人们继续走下去。


a hen-pecked husband 妻管严的丈夫
a gossip wife 八卦的妻子
Parents should not spoil the children.家长不能溺爱孩子
a yes man 没有主见的人
a vain wife 爱慕虚荣的妻子
a driven husband 有驱动力的
nag 唠叨 nagging 爱唠叨的
a nagging wife 爱唠叨的妻子
a generous husband  大方的丈夫
a cheap wife 吝啬的妻子


Time and tide wait for no man. 时不我待
Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life! 新的一天


Most people say that as you're getting older,you have to give up things.
I think you're getting older because you give up things.


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